Technology - Automatic Vial Transfer System

The Vial Transfer System is designed to automatically transfer the entire contents of a vial to the Enable Injector. Each Vial Transfer System accepts any vial size of the corresponding Enable Injector capacity. The user simply inserts the vial into the system, and the transfer of the entire vial contents is completed automatically with no user input. The vial can be combined with the system at the appropriate point in the delivery cycle, including during the initial packaging, at a distributor or specialty pharma, or shipped directly to the user.

Remove vial cap

Insert vial into system

Remove injector after filling


  • Uses existing vial container closure
  • Any vial size up to 50ml
  • Any vial neck size (e.g. 13mm, 21mm)
  • Any material, including glass, polymer
  • Automatically warms drug
  • Minimizes cold-chain storage
  • Vial is inserted into system
  • Drug is automatically transferred into injector
  • Minimal residual volume
  • Injector is ready to use immediately