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Enable Injections is an late-stage start-up company that has developed a disposable body-worn bolus injector* to deliver high viscosity/volume payloads up to 20cc to the subcutaneous tissue. The system uses standard vial, syringe or cartridge container closure, and can automatically mix lyophilized solutions. Founded February 2010, the company has R&D and manufacturing facilities in Franklin, Ohio.

  • Uses standard vial, syringe or cartridge
  • Delivers high volumes/viscosities
  • Automatically reconstitutes
  • Unique 'pause' feature
  • Small size/low profile


New class of delivery system. A subcutaneous alternative to IV delivery that allows self injections of high viscosity/ volume biological drugs with a projected market of $8.8B.

Market driven by:

  • Biologics
  • Brand Differentiation
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Patient Preference
  • Regulations
  • Health Care Costs

Distinguished board of directors

Mark A. Collar Former President, P&G Pharmaceuticals and Personal Health
Robert W. Coy, Jr. President and CEO, CincyTech
Richard J. D'Augustine Founding Board member, Ethicon EndoSurgery, Enable Medical and AtriCure
Donald C. Harrison, M.D. Past AHA President, Chief of Cardiology Stanford, Vice-Provost U.C.
Michael D. Hooven CEO/Founder of Enable Injections, Enable Medical, and AtriCure
Karen P. Robards Former Head of Healthcare Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley
Nicole C. Robinson, Ph.D. Head of Technology Commercialization for CHMC
Norman R. Weldon, Ph.D. Founder/CEO/Investor in over 20 successful medical device companies


Enable’s drug delivery system can be packaged with or without the drug container. Enable's transfer package automatically warms the drug, so there is no need to wait 30 minutes or more for the refrigerated drug/device to warm. The user simply inserts the container into the system, places the injector on the skin, and presses the central button. A viewing window shows the drug and indicates the progress of the delivery. A unique 'pause' feature allows the user to pause the injection at any time.  After delivery is complete, the needle is automatically retracted and locked out, with the user notified via audible, visual and tactile feedback.  The user can then dispose of the device.